Face Of The Nation

100 years is a damn long time. When someone turns 100 years old Smuckers puts their picture on a bottle of their world famous jam. 100 years is ten terms of ten years, or two terms of 50 years. But that's enough for the math lessons. The point that should be hammered home is that a... Continue Reading →


June 15th 2011

Believe it or not, half  a decade has passed since Zdeno Chara hoisted Lord Stanley emphatically over his head, in doing so he launched sports greatest trophy to another stratosphere. The phrase "get the duck boats ready" reverberates through my ears promptly every June 15th. Just look at the contrasts in emotion between the guys on... Continue Reading →

A Tremendous High Or Torturous Low

Back in mid April the NHL went from 30 teams competing for the Stanley Cup to just 16. By may 30th only Pittsburg and San Jose remained from the marginal 16 that qualified for the playoffs. Two weeks later Pittsburg captured their 4th Stanley Cup, ironically it came 7 years to the day from their last Cup in 2009. Unfortunately for... Continue Reading →

Dumb But Not Dumbfounding 

Partially I feel somewhat moronic for coming so late to the party here, but at least I'm not late to my defensive spots on the ice. That was reserved specifically for Mr. Miller. Let me get this out of the way, Kevan Miller comes directly as advertised. What I mean by that is when you... Continue Reading →

Remembering May 13th 2013

When it comes to the sporting world the spring is often regarded as the “dark days”. Meaning if you aren’t a diehard baseball fan there isn’t much to quench your thirst. By virtue of an abbreviated season due to a lockout, the first round of the 2013 NHL playoffs didn't begin until early May. What... Continue Reading →

No More Playoff ‘Blues’

They say "in order to be the best you have to beat the best". For St. Louis, ousting the defending Cup Champions, who just so happen to double as their arch rival, it's quite the accievement. As for the whole "being the best" thing you can be the determiner of that. While Chicago beat St.... Continue Reading →

Miracle Men 36 Years Later

First and foremost hockey is a sport. Just like any of the other major sports in America. To some, sports may appear trivial and overrated. Today overpaid, egotistical athletes dominate American propaganda making us wonder, who is worth while to idolize in the sports world? Leading up to the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid New... Continue Reading →

Fool Me Twice.. Shame On Me?

Washington has been the NHL's most unorthodox enigma. Despite the firepower, highlighted by this generations most lethal lamp lighter Alex Ovechkin. They have always found a way to drop game 7's in the playoffs. I mean who could forget how dangerous the 2009-10 Caps were? But honestly how good were they when it mattered? The President trophy winning Capitals... Continue Reading →

Hab-ulous Outcome

The last time the Boston Bruins wore their Winter Classic jerseys against Montreal they were routed in front of nearly 70,000 fans, and more watching across the country. Stereotypically the Bruins play with a lack of confidence and appear lethargic when they play their heated rival in their house, but not last night. Last night in... Continue Reading →


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Fan Interference

We peaked in high school, so now we blog.


Portfolio collection of my past and current work

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