BREAKING: The United States (Allegedly) Doesn’t Like Hockey

Prior to the puck drop of 2017-18 season the hype surrounding not only the Pittsburgh Penguins to three-peat, but the Edmonton Oilers to be sizing them up for a title of their own was palpable. The Hockey News has the Penguins beating the Oilers 4-2 to win their third Cup in as many years. Connor McDavid’s Oilers v. Sidney Crosby’s Penguins, the best the NHL has to offer facing off in a winner takes all series has everyone salivating.

Despite a slow start by McDavid and the Oilers they had the opportunity, last night, to right the ship in Pittsburgh against Crosby. Hockey fans across the globe rejoiced! A potential Cup Final preview in October, I felt dirty just thinking about it.


My stomach dropped, panic ensued, it wasn’t on the NHL Network, or NBC. How could this be? Potentially the biggest game of the year, with the most flare, and pure sex appeal hands down… wasn’t televised?

Then it hit me, I hadn’t checked NBCSN yet, duh! How could I be so simple minded? Well, there was a hockey game on last night, just not the right one. Instead of showcasing the two most polarizing hockey players on the face of the earth matching up. We got, the Red Wings and Sabres.


Granted Jack Eichel is always fun to watch handle the puck, but pales in comparison to his draft day predecessor, Connor McDavid. For those who care, the Sabres pulled out a 1-0 victory in a defensive snooze fest.

What we have here, is a failure to entertain me.

North of the border Canadians indulged in what we Americans were deprived of. Only rational conclusion is this, AMERICA DOES NOT WANT YOU TO HOCKEY AGAIN!

America doesn’t want you to have this:

Makes me sick.

Don’t worry! You got the second part of that double dose of Sabres tonight  !



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We peaked in high school, so now we blog.


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Fan Interference

We peaked in high school, so now we blog.


Portfolio collection of my past and current work

newgod99's Blog

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