Boston’s Options For Free Agent Frenzy Day

First of all happy 150th birthday to Canada.

Now that that is out of the way lets profile Kenny Agostino real quick. The former Blues prospect was the AHL player of the year last season. Scored in his Blues debut and now is going to be the next best thing in Boston. Signing him to a one year $850,000 deal is a good hockey move.

Showcasing his high cheese ability at the AHL’s skill competition last year.

Some people will look at this and say “4 for 7!? Ray Bourque went 4/4!!”. To which I say, listen up sally the only thing Kenny Agostino knows is bar Mexico, point to the rocket in the first row then skate to the bench. #CalderKenny is yet to unleash his skills, and opposing goalies *cough* Carey Price *cough* best beware.

Alright, so with it being the official opening of free agency a lot of speculation has been flying on who is going where. A quick glance over Bob McKenzie’s twitter account will show you that Boston hasn’t landed a single free agent I previously picked them for.

So. Boston will sign,



You heard it here first.




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