Bye-Bye Jimmy

I’ll be the first to admit that there was a period of time in my life where I was blaming all the bad things I had going for me on Jimmy Hayes. Which in retrospect was just a poor way of distributing my problems on a third party.

So when it was announced at noon today that the Bruins cut Jimmy from their full time payroll I had an unfortunate epiphany. Now I have to take full responsibility for my actions, which to be frank seems a little unfair.

In all seriousness Jimmy Hayes was actually the bane of the Bruins existence from the moment he threw the sweater on for his first game. Standing a 6 feet 6 inches you’d think the former Boston College standout would just stand in front of the net as Chara and company pelted him with slap shots to make a living. However, this was not the case and as we’ve seen in the past when hometown kids come to play in Boston it doesn’t always workout.

Initially Hayes was brought along to bare the physical load left behind when Milan Lucic was traded to Los Angeles. With his size and frame most assumed it was a match made in heaven. Unfortunately for Hayes, when the dust settled on 2016-17 all we were left with was an uninspiring 2 goals, 3 assists and a -3 in 58 games of work. It can be argued that 8 minutes and 55 seconds of average ice time per game isn’t enough to make an impact on a game. You just can’t force what you can’t feel and apparently Bruce Cassidy/Don Sweeney would agree.

All in all the Bruins save 1.7 million dollars this season which will no doubt come in handy as free agency officially opens up tomorrow.


Take this how you will.

Also Ryan Spooner is Jimmy Hayes’ immediate replacement for “player I’ll blame all my life’s problems on” from here on out.


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