Patrice Bergeron- Hockey’s Equivalent Of Jesus Christ

With all do respect to Ryan Kesler and Mikko Koivu whom were nominated for the NHL’s top defensive forward in 2016-17. Patrice Bergeron was far and away the best in that category all season long. Winning his fourth Selke Trophy in six attempts makes him the most responsible two way forward in nearly 40 years. Tying hockey hall of famer Bob Gainey, formally of the Montreal Canadiens as the only two players to ever win the trophy four times.

The 31 year old played 79 games for the Bruins this past season racking up 21 goals and 53 points. Attempting 1812 faceoffs and winning 744, that equates to a 60.1 winning percentage. Not to mention his corsi rating of 61.8, basically what that means is that whenever Bergeron was on the ice his team was in control of the puck 61.8% of the time. Kesler sported a corsi rating of 50.9%, Koivu’s was 50.1%.

Both Marchand (39) and Pastrnak (34) who regularly flanked Bergeron enjoyed career years in goals scored. That is no coincidence. Boston also qualified for the post season this year for the first time since 2014. Once the season had officially concluded Bergeron announced he had played the entire season with a sports hernia. Which would explain his sluggish start. But also underline the impressiveness of obtaining the honor.

Basically when the dust settles Patrice Bergeron is Jesus Christ reincarnated. Enjoy it while it lasts, you just witnessed history.



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