For Boston Their Past Is A Painful Reminder

Well, in case you need another brutal reminder of the magnitude 10,000 dumpster fire that is the Boston Bruins organization as a whole. The Stanley Cup Final was an exquisite reminder of just that.

Phil Kessel, Joe Thornton, Martin Jones,  Joel Ward, Patrick Marleau and finally Mike Sullivan. What on gods green earth do all of these men have in common you might ask? I’m elated to tell you!

Hold your hearts Bruins nation, its about to get agitating in here.

Phil Kessel and Joe Thornton were both products of separate draft years, both going in the top 10 and having a significant impact on the ice. It physically cannot be stressed enough that you whole heartedly owned both of these men, with the means of holding on to them for years to come.

After a horrific, actually no an atrocious start to the 2005 season Joe Thornton, for reasons still unknown to mankind. Was traded to San Jose for pennies on the dollar. Ready? Here comes the names of those pennies from worse to “acceptable”. Wayne Primeau, Brad Stuart and finally Marco Sturm.

Feeling light headed yet?

Purple elephant in the room, Wayne Primeau who clearly was a piece to the deal that then Bruins GM Mike O’Connell muttered “uhh sure? You can add him”. Primeau was a formidable player in the NHL, under the right circumstances. However, Primeau and Boston was not a match made in heaven.

Brad Stuart, okay we’re getting warmer here. Look, this guy has played a ton of meaningful hockey. An above average, top four defensemen. He’ll for better or worse be remembered in Boston for the trade with Calgary along with my good buddy Wayne Primeau for Andrew Ference and Chuck Kobasew.

Last but certainly not least we have the German sensation Marco Sturm. Saving the best for last, as long as  ‘best’ and ‘last’ is visualized as a relative terms of course. Marco played the most hockey for the Bruins out of the trio they received for Thornton. Leading the Bruins in goals one year, winning the Winter Classic in overtime the next. While he didn’t last long enough to be on the Cup winning roster, he left a significant foot note in Bruins recent history. If you actually wish to recall it.

Phil the thrill, Phat Phil, Phil Kessel he goes by many sir names. Say what you will Phil is a clutch player, just Google his playoff stats. While he’s sort of hobbled around since his departure from Boston in 2009. I swear that wasn’t intended to be a fat joke. He’s left little doubt that Pittsburg probably will be his final resting spot. Honestly though who the hell calls house parties “shakers”?

Resembles a pretty Disney like success story doesn’t it? Phil Kessel gets traded. Finds a home. Fans love him. Happily ever after!

Well, it depends which side of the fence you stand on. Toronto wanted a goal scoring wing so badly that they gave up their 2010 first round pick which became Tyler Seguin, a second rounder Jared Knight and finally a 2011 first which materialized into Dougie Hamilton. To Boston, only to make the post season once, we’ll get to that later.

Any who.

Noticing a trend? If you guessed “none of them are currently Boston Bruins” then go get a cookie because you’re absolutely right.

Life truly is crazy.

Onward we go. Martin Jones, it’s okay if you’ve never heard of him before.

The ex Los Angles King spent the vast majority of his career wedged between “I like winning Stanley Cups” and “I don’t really want to backup Jonathan Quick anymore”. Last season Jones was set to become a free agent come July first. Los Angeles wanted Milan Lucic and at the time the Bruins needed a backup goalie. A first round pick, Colin Miller and Martin Jones was all it took to land Lucic. Four days later Jones was property of the San Jose Shark, in return the Bruins landed another draft pick.

Colin Miller possess a high ceiling and a desire to join the offensive rush but played a miniscule amount of games for the Bruins this past season because Claude Julien hates offense.

Jones, on the other hand has backpacked San Jose to the Stanley Cup Final. Despite the deficit Jones has played fantastic throughout. Would have been nice to have him in regular season game 82 when Rask threw in the towel, eh?

26th head coach in Bruins franchise history was the wonderful Mike Sullivan. His first season was a success, 41 wins and over 100 points. It’s one tarnished spot was that loss in the playoffs to Montreal. Yup, like so many before him Sullivan couldn’t get the B’s over mount Montreal. After the lockout Sullivan’s Bruins were a vomit inducing 29-37-16 record. Thornton was traded, Sullivan was fired and x amount of years later he’s two wins away from winning a Cup.

How wondrously reoccuring thus far.

Up to this point the mantra of this passage has remained steadfast. All of the previous names have at one point or another been Bruins, except for the final two.

Joel Ward was the guy who knocked out Boston in the playoffs back in 2012 with the Capitals. Following his goal all you lovely people took to social media and berated the poor man on his ethnic background.

Bravo Boston. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Anyways the guy oozes clutch in the playoffs. A danger to score in every minute he played as a member of the Predators, that clutch gene stabbed the Bruins hopeful, as already mentioned in 2012 when Ward was a member of the Capitals. Again he shined in game 3 of the Cup Finals, pulling up and taking a hefty, unscreened slaps hot from the blue line. Which he scored on.

You have to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good, some stiff named Patrick Roy or something said that.

Hey Thomas Vanek we’ve found our new Bruins killer.

Parick Marleau, I bring him up only because its an interesting story. Rumors flew across social media last summer that a trade between Boston and San Jose might be in the works. Brad Marchand for Patrick Marleau straight up.

Off the bat…

All jokes aside Marchand is significantly younger than Marleau. Adding on to that Marchand scored more goals in the past two seasons than Marleau. Thirdly, Brad is far and beyond a better playoff performer than Marleau could dream of being. So, yeah, revert back to the meme.

While Boston most likely won’t be targeting Ward or Marleau in the near future. I’ll do what every D league blogger would do, entertain the idea if they had followed through on those trade rumors discussed above.

Thank Christ they didn’t.

Brad Marchand is that player you love to have on your team, because you don’t have to play against him. Recently he’s decided he enjoys scoring a lot of goals along side his ability to agitate, that’s okay by me.

While its more than evident the sting of the Thornton and Kessel trades hasn’t subsided much. Bruins fans can find comfort in the fact that Kessel is a member of that Leaf team that had a 4-1 lead in the third period and still lost.

Granted Boston has won a Cup before either of them, its come at a significant cost. The effects of which are being felt today.

Sympathy can be found with Thornton who barring a miracle is on the verge of losing the only Cup Final he’ll most likely take part in. Truly a sad occurrence, I understand most hockey fans love Crosby. But how can you dislike Joe Thornton? In a perfect world “Jumbo Joe” gets his ring, in this year or the next.

To the grieving Bruins fan its as close to a Ray Bourque send off as you’re going to get.

Go Sharks.



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